A Recap of our Equipment Afternoon

A Gathering of Archery Minds

Archery is not just about drawing a bowstring and releasing an arrow; it’s an intricate dance between skill, technique, and equipment. At Barnsley YMCA Archers, we recently hosted an engaging archery equipment afternoon that brought together enthusiasts from all skill levels to delve into the finer details of archery gear. From button pressure adjustments to arrow selection, the event was a treasure trove of knowledge, led by our club’s expert coach, Steve Jones, and complemented by the insights of visiting county coach Ian Foster.

The afternoon kicked off at 1 pm at our picturesque archery range, nestled amidst the stunning backdrop of nature. The event drew both beginners and seasoned archers, united by their passion for the bow and arrow. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn, share, and grow together. One of the first topics of the day was button pressure checking. With an emphasis on precision, attendees were guided through the process of adjusting and checking the button pressure on their bows. Proper button pressure can significantly impact an archer’s accuracy, making it a crucial aspect to master.

The Art of Bow Tuning

Bow tuning might sound like a mysterious art, but our event aimed to demystify the process. Through live demonstrations, attendees learned the art of fine-tuning their bows for peak performance. A well-tuned bow can make all the difference when aiming for the bullseye.

Unravelling the Walk-Back Tune

The ‘walk back’ tuning exercise was a standout activity of the day. Archers placed their focus on a target with two vertical stripes and shot arrows, carefully observing whether they veered left or right. This insightful exercise offered participants a deeper understanding of their equipment’s nuances and their shooting form.

Expert Insights from Ian Foster

The highlight of the event was the presence of visiting county coach Ian Foster. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Foster shared his insights into advanced techniques, mental strategies, and the subtle nuances that separate good archers from exceptional ones.

Arrow Fletching: Craftsmanship Unveiled

A demonstration on how to fletch arrows by Steve started by showing the simple fletching jig. A small handheld metal arrow holder and a magnetic fletching clamp was all that was needed for simple re-fletching. Ian Foster spoke about his more advanced fletching jig that has the capabilities to hold the arrow upright and applies all three fletchings at once.

Laser-Precision Alignment

A unique addition to the event was the use of lasers to check arrow and bow alignments. Ian Foster set up a bench to mount bows and expertly used lasers to analyse alignment, providing archers with a visually captivating and informative experience. The bench had a special mount that affixed to where a long rod would usually screw in and then a laser was attached where the sight would normally attached to the rise. This gave an easy indicator as to whether the arrows and bow were all aligned together.

Decoding Arrow Selection with Easton’s Matrix

For many archers, choosing the right arrows can be overwhelming. Ian & Steve guided participants through the use of Easton’s matrix document, which simplifies the arrow selection process. Armed with this knowledge, archers could confidently select arrows tailored to their bows and shooting style. Download this document here.

Caring for Your Bow: Maintenance Tips

No equipment afternoon would be complete without a discussion on bow maintenance. From applying bee’s wax to strings to ensure their longevity, to general upkeep tips, attendees left armed with the knowledge needed to keep their gear in top condition.

The archery equipment afternoon at Barnsley YMCA Archers was a sunny and windy afternoon, fostering camaraderie among archery enthusiasts and providing a platform for skill enhancement. From button pressure to arrow selection, every aspect of archery gear received its due attention. Thanks to the guidance of our club’s coach, Steve Jones and the expertise of visiting county coach Ian Foster, attendees left with a renewed passion for archery and a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between archer and equipment. Thanks to all members that attended, we will be doing another equipment session during the indoor season.