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At our club we run beginner’s course and have Have-A-Go days and taster sessions at our club venues and community events. Please get in touch if you have any enquiries.

Our beginner’s courses are run throughout the year and are delivered by Archery GB qualified coaches that also hold a current CRB / DBS.

The course consists of 4 weekly sessions of 3 hours duration giving a total of 12 hours instruction and are usually run on Saturday mornings 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Barnsley YMCA.

The minimum age is 8 and up for our courses and this will enable you to shoot safely and give a basic shooting technique to build on.

The course costs £50.00 for over 18’s, £20.00 for under 18’s for the full course and attendance at all 4 sessions is required to pass. However, do get in touch with us if you are likely to miss one of the dates, as we can arrange catch-up sessions after the course.

If we have no upcoming sessions available, you can fill out our interest form below.

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Why Try Archery?

Embark on a thrilling adventure and experience the magic of archery – a sport like no other! If you’ve never tried archery before, now is the perfect time to discover its wonders. It’s a fascinating blend of skill, focus, and excitement that will leave you captivated from the very first arrow. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner; archery is accessible to all ages and abilities. Feel the rush as you draw the bow, aiming for the gold, and watch in amazement as your arrows fly towards the target. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling when you hit the mark!

Plus, archery offers more than just a physical challenge; it’s a calming and meditative activity that clears your mind and brings you into the present moment. Whether you seek a new hobby, a unique form of exercise, or a way to unwind from the stresses of daily life, archery has it all. So take a leap, join us on the archery range, and let the arrows of adventure fly – you won’t regret it!

Beginner’s Course vs. Have-A-Go’s vs.Taster Sessions

  • Beginner’s Course
    • Structured programme for those new to archery
    • Multiple sessions led by experienced coaches
    • Covers safety, shooting techniques, equipment handling, and target practice
  • Have-a-Go’ Archery Events
    • Informal introduction to archery
    • Typically held at fairs, festivals, or special occasions
    • Supervised shooting with basic instructions
  • Taster Session
    • Short and condensed introduction to archery
    • Provides basic safety guidelines and shooting techniques
    • Opportunity to shoot a few arrows under instructor guidance

Choose your path to archery adventure and unleash the archer within you!

“Thank you Barnsley YMCA Archers for the brilliant beginners archery course me and my daughter Evie (age 8) really enjoyed it, we would highly recommend it to anybody young or old. 👍🏻👍🏻”

Steve & Evie, completed their beginner’s course October 2023.

“Recently my wife and I completed the Barnsley YMCA archers beginner’s course at the YMCA centre in Barnsley. We attended the four sessions each Saturday where we were shown the basics of archery. This included, safety, the equipment and general rules of archery and etiquette. The sessions were very pleasant and were conducted in a friendly, professional manner. All equipment is provided so all you need to do is attend. On completion you are then able to join the club and can shoot at the outdoor range at Rockingham on the outskirts of Barnsley were club members are very willing to guide you along. The club allowed us to use their equipment until we decided to purchase our own. A highly recommended experience which will give you all the insight you need about the sport of archery.”

Richard & Teresa, completed their beginner’s course June 2023.

“I enjoyed the way we were guided and supported through the learning and the whole friendly atmosphere.

I wish I had joined sooner. Great people and great fun.”

Stuart, completed his beginner’s course June 2023.

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