Welcome to the Archery Resources Page!

Are you a beginner looking to perfect your archery technique? Or perhaps you’re an experienced archer seeking expert advice to enhance your skills? Maybe you’re interested in maintaining your bow in top-notch condition? You’ve come to the right place! Our curated list of archery resources covers everything you need to know about archery technique, advice, and bow maintenance. Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned pro, these resources will help you hit the gold every time.

Archery Technique Resources

  1. Archery 360
    Archery 360 is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of articles, videos, and tips for archers of all levels. Discover insights on proper shooting form, aiming techniques, stance, and more.
  2. World Archery
    The official website of World Archery Federation provides valuable resources, including tutorials, coaching guides, and competition videos. Learn from world-class archers and coaches to refine your technique.
  3. Archery GB
    The official website of Archery GB, the governing body for archery in the UK, offers a wealth of resources. Explore their guides on form, aiming, and competition techniques to take your skills to the next level.
  4. Merlin Archery
    Merlin Archery’s blog provides a range of articles and videos on proper archery technique, equipment selection, and shooting form. Their insights cater specifically to UK archers.
  5. The Archery Company
    Dive into The Archery Company’s tutorials and videos, covering topics like bow tuning, anchor points, and stance. These resources are tailored to UK archers of all levels.
  6. Lancaster Archery Supply (USA)
    Lancaster Archery Supply offers a range of resources including blog posts, videos, and podcasts on archery techniques. Their experts cover topics like aiming, release, and consistency.

Archery Advice and Tips

  1. Archery Interchange UK
    Join the conversation on Archery Interchange UK’s forums, where fellow UK archers discuss techniques, gear, and more. It’s a great platform to seek advice and share experiences.
  2. Archery World
    Archery World’s blog offers practical advice on improving your accuracy, mental focus, and competition strategies. Their tips are designed to help you excel in the UK archery scene.

Bow Maintenance and Care

  1. Bow International (Getting Started Section) / (Technique Section)
    Bow International features a dedicated section on bow maintenance. Learn how to string your bow, perform regular maintenance, and troubleshoot common issues to keep your equipment in prime condition.
  2. The Longbow Shop
    The Longbow Shop provides valuable resources on maintaining traditional bows, including stringing, waxing, and checking for any issues. Keep your longbow in top condition with their guidance.
  3. Quicks Archery
    Quicks Archery offers a comprehensive guide to bow maintenance, including step-by-step instructions for restringing and adjusting your recurve or compound bow.
  4. Archery World
    In addition to advice, Archery World’s website also covers bow maintenance tips specific to the UK climate and conditions. Learn how to care for your equipment to ensure consistent performance.