Today, we delve into the heart of British archery, exploring the intricacies of the renowned Portsmouth Competition Round. This competition is a hallmark event in the UK archery calendar, bringing together skilled archers from across the country to showcase their precision and accuracy. In this blog post, we will unravel the details of the Portsmouth Competition, explaining its format, rules, and the electrifying atmosphere that surrounds this celebrated archery round.

What is the Portsmouth Competition Round?

The Portsmouth Competition Round is a standardised indoor archery round that has gained immense popularity within the British archery community. Named after the city of Portsmouth, it is a challenging event that demands both skill and focus from participants. The round is typically shot at a distance of 20 yards (18 meters) on a 60cm target face, and archers shoot a total of 60 arrows.

Embracing New Archers: The Gateway Charm of Portsmouth Rounds

The Portsmouth Competition Round holds a special place in the hearts of new archers venturing into the captivating world of competitive archery. Its standardised format, accessible 20-yard distance, and clear scoring system make it an ideal starting point for beginners. Many budding archers find solace in the simplicity of the Portsmouth Round, allowing them to focus on honing their skills without the complexities of outdoor conditions. As a result, it has become a common initiation for those stepping onto the competitive archery stage, providing a welcoming and encouraging environment for them to embark on their thrilling journey into the sport. The inclusive nature of the Portsmouth Round has undoubtedly contributed to its widespread popularity among both seasoned archers and those taking their first steps into the world of competitive archery.

Details of the Portsmouth Round:

  1. Distance: The competition is held indoors, making it less susceptible to weather conditions. The fixed distance of 20 yards ensures a level playing field for all participants.
  2. Target Face: Archers aim at a 60cm target face, which is divided into 10 concentric rings. Each ring has its own scoring value, with the central ring (the gold) being the highest-scoring region.
  3. Arrow Count: A total of 60 arrows are shot during the Portsmouth Round. Archers shoot three arrows per end, with each end consisting of 20 arrows. The scoring is cumulative, with archers striving to achieve the highest possible score.
  4. Scoring System: Archers earn points based on the ring in which their arrows land. The gold (innermost ring) scores the highest points, followed by the red, blue, black, and white rings, respectively. Arrows landing outside the white ring do not score any points.

How the Portsmouth Competition Round is Normally Run:

  1. Registration: Archers interested in participating in the Portsmouth Competition typically register well in advance. Many archery clubs across the UK organize this event, and registration details are often available on their websites.
  2. Equipment Check: Before the competition begins, there is usually an equipment check to ensure that all archers are using bows and arrows that comply with the rules and regulations.
  3. Practice Ends: Participants are usually given some practice ends to warm up and adjust to the shooting conditions. This allows archers to familiarize themselves with the venue and fine-tune their aim.
  4. Competition Begins: The actual competition consists of several ends, each comprising a set number of arrows. Archers take turns shooting, and scores are recorded after each end.
  5. Scoring and Results: Once all archers have completed the designated number of ends, scores are tallied, and winners are announced. Prizes and recognition are often awarded to top-performing archers in different categories.

The Portsmouth Competition Round stands as a testament to the skill and dedication of British archers. This standardised indoor round provides a platform for archers to challenge themselves and compete at a national level. If you’re an archery enthusiast, attending or participating in a Portsmouth Competition is an excellent way to witness the prowess of skilled archers and immerse yourself in the vibrant archery community.